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Beginner Wing Boarding on SUP's/Paddle Boards

               All Lessons are Private

Wing Boarding is Fast/Fun/Easy for the whole family - most people are able to get their first rides in a 90 minute lesson, then can keep practicing on their own gear without needing more lessons for gentle riding condition.

$400/ 90 minute Lesson

Beginner E-foil Lesson on Waydoo Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

Electric Hydrofoil Surfing is the best way to learn to fly over water, and the skills are transferrable to Wing Foiling

$400/ 60 minutes riding (90 minutes total with preflight instruction)

Intermediate Wing Boarding

After mastering all beginner wing boarding skills, and E-foil skills, students wishing to progress to Wing Foiling need to learn how to pump their wing to generate more power, and to ride on smaller Paddle Boards first.

$400/ 90 minute lesson

Advanced Wing Boarding - Foiling

After mastering lessons 1 - 3 you are ready for your first flights with a Wing Powered Hydrofoil Surfboard

$400/ 90 minutes

Kitesurfing - Intermediate and Advanced Lessons Only - (Student Provides Own Gear)

$300/Hr - Improve Upwind, Transitions, Jumps Tricks, Surfboards, Foils

Pay with paypal (and debit/credit cards) to:

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