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What people are saying...


"Erik is a superb teacher. He has been at the forefront of kiteboarding and kitesurfing for many many years and it shows. Not only has he developed and patented a new type of learning kites for kids but some credit him for first thinking about the mega loop! If you are thinking about learning to ride there is no one better out there in my opinion."

Isaac Katz, Mexico


"After listening to Erik. teach the advanced techniques of kiting ... I was so impressed that I asked him to help me with my Big Air technique ... His approach was straight forward and very clear ... I mean clear ... it was very easy to grasp the concepts he was laying out ... He's probably one of the best Kiteboard teachers I've ever met ..."

Richard Haller, (Expert Kiteboarder) Costa Rica


"Taking some lessons from Erik was the best thing I could have done when starting out kiteboarding. With a strong emphasis on safety, he guides you through the process one step at a time, willing to get out there in the water with you, and vigilant until you are back ashore again."

Charles Robert Klein, (Advanced Rider) Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 


Big thanks go out to Erik. He was my introduction to kiteboarding in 2014 on the beautiful Isla Blanca in Mexico. Every question I asked was answered in the most technical explanation; he made me confident before heading out. Always at ease and it took me only a few hours to get up! Look at me now, still kiting around the world. Go with Erik!"

Eline Claes, Belgium


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