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 The Wing Surf Camp Vision: Constant innovation for instructional progressions keeping up with the changes in equipment and inventing new gear to safely teach children and adults. 



Everyone starts with different sports experiences and learning styles. Your style of riding, be it racing, tricks, surfing waves or just free riding will determine the progression you will learn. Understanding why the kite flies is the number one skill to master so you can pilot your power source without having to think about it.


We require all beginners to practice their own self rescue protocols several times so that it’s second nature. And we require students to consistently control the kite one handed behind their backs while being distracted before they can start introduction to the board.

All students start with very short lines which allow them to see exactly how the kite reacts when they move the control bar. On short lines eliminates the power stroke which is what causes the most damage to students and kites when rookies make mistakes. Think of a big dog on a short rope instead of a long rope… It’s all about leverage.



Beginners: Group lessons are only available to friends/family, not strangers. And are only available until students are ready for introduction to the board, then only one on one instruction is available.

Intermediate and Advanced lessons are available in a “camp” format where after the initial assessment and theory lessons the student gets a multi-day rate of instruction, practice, observation and feedback for one low price, as opposed  to private blocks of time.



Deciding your riding style will influence the gear you buy. Tricks and big air kites/boards are very different than surf kites and surfboards. Racing gear is extremely fast, but difficult for all other disciplines.


Wetsuits, water shoes, impact vests and Harnesses all function better if they fit perfectly. It is advisable for you to have these when you arrive for your first lesson for a better experience.

Helmet Intercom Teaching and Safety


You can talk to your Instructor with BB Talk waterproof intercoms in ProTec Ace-Wake Helmets.

This is the fastest way to learn with instant tips, feedback and answers to your questions.

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